Winter Service Programs – Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Mississippi & CURTIS Week (Bridgeport) 2014/15

Bangladesh 2014/15

SHU students, faculty and staff will travel to Dhaka, Bangladesh to partner with the non-profit Distressed Children & Infants International, Inc. (DCI).  SHU students will participate in educational activities for the children living in the orphanage DCI operates.

Dominican Republic January 2015

SHU students and faculty members have partnered with Community Partners, Inc. (COPA).  The SHU delegation will participate in community development activities in the community “La Bombita.”

Mississippi 2015

SHU students, faculty, staff and a local volunteer travel to Mississippi this year to assist in home construction through Habitat for Humanity.

CURTIS Week 2015

SHU students and staff spend 5 days at St. Charles Parrish in an immersion service program named after Bishop Walter Curtis.  Students do service, learn about the history and understand the current issues faced by Bridgeport, CT.


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