Bangladesh – Old Dhaka and Clinic Visit

photo(11)We are very grateful to our DCI host for their thoughtful hospitality and kindness.  They are very dedicated to the SHU group having a complete Bangladeshi experience that is safe, culturally rich and enjoyable.  Spending time with the DCI children has been one of many highlights of this journey that has just begun.  Our first full day in Dhaka was spent at the DCI clinic.  The SHU group was introduced to the resident doctor, pre-k class, sewing workshop and surrounding community during the AM visit.  The community leaders were very welcoming and were kind to invite us into a few homes to visit.  In the afternoon the group visited old Dhaka.  The traffic was mind boggling.  After several hours inching our way through the city we ended at a Bangladeshi Chinese restaurant, followed by a short rickshaw ride back to the DCI headquarters / orphanage / our home.  It has been a very full first day.  We are exhausted.  We look forward to tomorrow and reduced effects of jet lag.



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