Bangladesh – Dec 31 / Jan 1 New Year’s Eve

Dec 31 – New Year’s Eve was quite eventful for the group.  Though we didn’t leave the DCI orphanage, the group had a lot of new experiences. Photo Dec 31, 10 04 23 AM The day started with the inauguration of the Pediatric Education Development Society International / DCI medical training center.  There were several VIP’s in attendance.  The CNN equivalent was on hand to interview and record the event.  Angie did a very good job speaking for the SHU delegation.  It was mentioned “not to worry, only 20 million people will see the broadcast.”

In the afternoon the SHU students played game after game after game with the DCI girls.  Later, the SHU students assisted with a conversatiPhoto Dec 31, 4 51 30 PMonal English class for the DCI staff.  The group continues to have a productive and meaningful experience.

The big event of the day was that evening’s New Year celebration.  DCI girls provided a complete presentation which included dancing, reciting poetry, singing and speeches.  The program was wrapped up with the group dancing with the girls…till they could dance no more.  As seen in the photos, the group was in traditional dress.  Adyel wore the punjabi and the SHU lPhoto Dec 31, 9 23 01 PMadies wore saris that were loaned to them for the night.  The night continued with fireworks going off in the neighborhood.  It sounded like cannons outside.

Jan 1 – The group will visit the DCI school in the morning and afternoon.  In the evening we plan to board a boat for an overnight trip to Putuakhali.  There is no guarantee that there will be internet there, so it may be several days until the blog is updated with Bangladesh news.  The DR group will begin posting in a few days, as well as the Mississippi Habitat for Humanity group.


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