C.U.R.T.I.S. Week – Gearing Up!

Jan. 6 – After a few days of quiet, the office of Volunteer Programs and Service Learning is buzzing with activity! We are preparing for the launch of CURTIS Week 2015. IMG_0964We officially get started on Wednesday, January 7 when the students arrive on campus. We are hosting 17 students this year — 3 are upperclassmen leaders. Later today the leaders will gather, with our staff, to discuss and reflect on their plans for the upcoming week.

Here’s some background information on CURTIS Week:

An acronym for Community Understanding and Reflection Through Inner-city Service, in honor of the Founder of Sacred Heart University, the Most Reverend Walter W. Curtis, second Bishop of Bridgeport, CURTIS Week is a week when the University sponsors a delegation of students from diverse backgrounds to experience the economic and social challenges d by residents of Bridgeport.  IMG_0965The program offers our students a unique opportunity to become aware of the resources and the problems of the inner city through community service and reflection with other students. Curtis Week’s main theme is the discussion of stereotyping and prejudice.


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