Mississippi in Action

By: Leah Arsenault


Day 2 came and went so quickly and it was such a successful start to keep us all motivated. We did it all from painting doors and door frames to painting floors, putting on hinges, using awesome tools that I have never tried before including a simple hammer and nail, and even climbing roofs! I have loved every minute of it I and and so happy I decided to get involved, who knew making a mess with paint and new friends could be so fun!?

With this being my first trip, I have learned quite a bit in just two days. First, I have learned that you can become close with a group of new people instantly. Second, I have learned that people come from all walks of life, and I have seen how both heart and mind must work as one, like a quote stated that we heard tonight. Having heart matters, and everyone here in Mississippi definitely puts heart into everything they do, including their home cooked meals!


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