C.U.R.T.I.S. Week – Day 1

_MG_9649The first day started off smoothly. After meeting at SHU, we headed over to St. Charles in Bridgeport where we will stay for the next 4 days. We headed out to our sites early and had a good day at each site. One group went to the Merton Center to helped out with the food pantry. We moved quickly and worked hard as we helped to organize the food pantry. _MG_9653-1_1We packed food items into bins for storage and moved the bins to a larger storage space in the basement. The response from the Merton House was great. The other group went over to the daycare at Hall House, also in Bridgeport.

In the afternoon we went back to St. Charles for some dinner and some reflection time. The  group got comfortable with each other pretty quick. Having a larger group this year – 17 students – makes things fun and interesting. The Volunteer Programs staff made us a spaghetti  dinner with ice cream for dessert.

Tonight, Larry Carroll from the Volunteer Program office spoke to us about Bishop Curtis, who CURTIS Week is named after. _MG_9679





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