C.U.R.T.I.S. Week – Day 3

We are already three days into CURTIS Week. Every morning we wake up at St. Charles Church in Bridgeport, make breakfast then organize ourselves into teams of two to go out into the community. This year’s group is pretty big with 17 students in all. That includes 3 upperclassmen leaders. The leaders drive us to our work sites and help organize us as we volunteer at different locations throughout Bridgeport.

Today, first we went to Caroline house where we sorted and organized the classroom making the learning environment better for the children. image1 (1)We got to meet Jean who runs the Caroline House and she told us some amazing, but sad stories about some of the women who come to the Caroline House. It really helped us understand how fortunate we are and how our work is helping others.

After this, we went to the hall neighborhood house again where we got to play with children, both infants and preschoolers!!! We absolutely loved all the love we got from the children and also getting to talk to the teachers and hear their stories too was one of the greatest experiences.

In the evening SHU’s Father David joined us for dinner to speak about urban issues of the community.  It was a busy day, but we had such a great time! image1 (2)


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