Mississippi: Coming to a Close

By: Meg Lackman


Now that my second Mississippi trip is coming to and end and I am going to graduate in May, it is sad to think that I may never come back to Lucedale, Mississippi…

Friday was our last work day. We finished our pergola, finished the mural, built some more walls and even started a rehab project. For a group of 22 people, we sure get a lot of projects done. Every time we finished a project, we were all looking fore more work to do. We are such a hard working team and never turned down a project. If we were asked to do something, we would do it without question.

All the memories that I have made here In the past two years is like something so different and something that I can not explain. Coming on this mission trip is different than going to a Habitat spring break trip. While on this trip I have gotten to know 21 different people and grown so close to them. In comparison to my trip from last year, I feel that I have grown with this group so much more than any other group I have spent time with on a trip.

Bonding with this group started the morning we met at school to get on the bus to head off to the airport. Through the week not only working together brought us closer together but, our reflections at the end of the day let us open up in many ways most of us never would to anyone. Letting someone know your deepest, darkest secrets is one of the scariest things that someone can do. This means you must have trust in the other person or in our case a group of people. I know that I can go to anyone in this group with a problem or just to vent and they will be there for me.

Leaving these people is going to be one of the hardest things ever. Today we had to say goodbye to the Habitat Re-store and the warehouse, along with the many workers we grew close to.

We definitely left our mark in Mississippi this year. Peter Pan once said, “Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” So this is not goodbye, it’s only “see you later.”


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