Costa Rica: Soccer & Samba

Costa Rica 2015 TuesdayAnother group went to Sucre High School in the morning. There was an assembly where the students of Sucre, SHU, and TEC got to listen to some amazing music produced by the faculty and by the students.  After the morning festivities, we had a huge soccer game where the SHU and TEC students played against the high school team.  In the afternoon, we headed off to the recycling center which is managed by a women’s association working to make the community a greener place. There we helped to sort the materials.

The last group spent the morning at a home for the elderly. The home provides educational, social and health support during the day for 18-25 elderly. One of the highlights of the students’ visit was learning to samba with the members of the home!Costa Rica 2015 Tuesday

After lunch, they went to the high school and volunteered in the English classrooms. The high schoolers enjoyed asking the SHU students questions and playing English games together like Simon Says.


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